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Yellow Ball

Yellow Ball
Apriranno il giorno 8 dicembre 2017 le iscrizioni per la quarta edizione dello Yellow Ball Waterpolo International Event, in programma dal 24 al 30 Giugno 2018 presso il Futura Club Itaca-Nausica Resort.

Il torneo sarà riservato, come consueto, a quattro categorie di gioco:
Under 11 (maschile, femminile o mista)
Under 13 (maschile, femminile o mista)
Under 15 Maschile
Under 15 Femminile
Per iscriversi o semplicemente ricevere info sullo YELLOW BALL WATERPOLO INTERNATIONAL EVENT basterà contattare la Segreteria Generale alla seguente mail: oppure contattando i seguenti recapiti telefonici + 39 3341319753 / +39 3395261286

Di seguito, oltre al file di presentazione del format YELLOW BALL 2018, anche i documenti necessari per l'iscrizione dei team e dei relativi atleti

The YELLOW BALL WATERPOLO INTERNATIONAL EVENT is an important competition  dedicated to children and teenagers  (7-15 years of age).  After the remarkable success of the previous three editions , experiencing the enthusiasm of families, managers, coaches and athletes, WATERPOLO PEOPLEassociation  organizes the fourth edition.
The event, in fact, will take place at  Futura Club Itaca-Nausicaa Restort of  Rossano Calabro (CS) from 24 to 30 JUNE 2018 (7 groups - 5 match days) and divided into four tournaments (Under 11, Under 13, Under 15 Male and Female).
A spectacular location, therefore, that can include: apartments, four playgrounds, three swimming pools dedicated to athletes and families, soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, beach volleyball courts, private beach for participants and relatives, amphitheatre for shows and evening games, entertainment service, large restaurant for breakfast-lunch-dinner.
Within the complex there is also the majestic Acquapark Odissea 2000: it is the largest water park in Southern Italy..

The management will provide an excellent  transfer system ,COMPLETELY FREE for those arriving at the train station or Lamezia Terme airport.
In the engaging closing ceremony all the participants  will be rewarded . Water polo’s personalities, representing important symbols of our world,  will also be rewarded. At the conclusion of the ceremony is planned  "YELLOW LOTTERY"  with FREE  participation of all the athletes who took part in the event and in which  8 important awards  will be extracted..
The management wil host for free the coach and an executive of each team. Participants also will be covered by an insurance policy and will present a medical unit  and an H24 security system.
The participants will receive the KIT OFFICIAL: a backpack containing nice gadgets.